Top Athleta Girl Picks for Summer

Warm weather is coming and we just finished doing the big closet clean out. You know the routine- everything out of the drawers and closets, going through it piece by piece.

We have three basic piles at the end: put back in drawers for continued wearing, keep for next season (clothes that are a little big and might fit you or your little sister in a year), pass along (to nieces, friends, or The Christian Mission). By the end I also have a list of what they need.

They almost always need new underwear and socks. From there, it’s all over the place. I like for them to have a couple cute and breezy dresses (I’ve ordered this one and this one) and a cute romper or two, but for the most part they live in athletic style play clothes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

I have bought Athleta Girl items for Hailey for years and can vouch for their quality. In our experience they hold up through rough and tumble play, wash well, and last years as a hand-me-down. I’m thrilled that Kaitlyn finally fits into their sizes as well, so this year I stocked both their closets with the essentials for the warm weather season.

These items are not the least expensive out there, but in my experience they come out ahead because of their durability. My kids will wear these for months and they’ll still make it to the keep or hand down pile. No holes in the legging knees or picked bathing suit bottoms. And don’t forget to check out their sale page. I snagged a couple of items for next fall at great prices!

If you’re looking for clothes for young girls that have a cute style, an appropriate fit, and last, here are our favorites.

Heart the Hustle Shorts – also known as the shorts they will live in all summer. They are a lightweight material with a lot of stretch. They have built in briefs and a side pocked with a zipper. They have a wide waistband and both girls love how comfortable they are.

Tankini Top and Matching Bottoms – Soft, quick dry fabric that has some stretch make this suit comfortable for swimming, kayaking, rafting, or just running around the yard. The cut is cute and appropriate for young girls. Size large and up have removable pads.

On the Go Romper – This abrasion and wrinkle resistant fabric is quick dry and light as a feather. It’s great for travel, being on the go, and running around the neighborhood. This is my girls’ go to choice for any warm day, as they love it’s one piece and so comfortable.

Take It Easy Bra – These beginner bras are buttery soft, stretchy, and super comfortable. They act as a great under item for baggier tanks with large arm holes or for thinner material fabric shirts.

Stash Your Treasures Capri (or full length) – Durable and yet super soft with tags that can be easily removed for kids that get bothered by them, these leggings are my kids’ favorite. They have an adjustable drawstring, maximum comfort, and pockets on the side for stashing whatever she needs to carry with her.

One Piece Swim Suit – Soft and stretchy with removable tags and a cute back design, the one piece suits are great for the athletic girl at swim practice or a giant cannon ball or just running through the sprinkler. The fabric won’t get picked up and it will stay cute all season long… and beyond!

Truly, check out all their suit styles, as they have some great mix and match styles for whatever your needs.

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