The Time I Cried at the Vet

My little cinnamon roll is curled up next to me snoozing for her morning nap right now. We had another good night! Bed at 9:30, up and out at 12:00, right back to the crate with no whining, a small whine about 2 hours later, then up for the day at 5:45. I’ll take it. Plus, both David and I got to sleep on the bed instead of the floor beside the crate, ha!

This week has been a whirlwind. I had planned to share some clothing wins I’ve had lately for all of us (family pictures this weekend), do a review of First Language Lessons, and tell you about the BIG deal at Joy Organics. All their CBD tinctures are buy one, get one free with the code BRITTBOGO. It’s for today and tomorrow ONLY but it you are a tincture gal, this is the best deal you’ll find on them this year.

I’ve been using mint, but just got the orange bliss. For more on why I only use this company and the differences between tinctures, gummies, and soft gels, check out this post.

But clothes and curriculum and such will have to wait until next week when we’ve gotten our feet back under us around here. Dare I say I’m starting to see a rhythm to our days surface? And even if it’s not, the joy Finley is bringing to us, especially the girls, right now is incredible.

So on that note… I cried at the vet yesterday.

First, a little background. Long time readers will remember our first dog, a vizsla named Koda. Sweet as can be, a peanut butter lover through and through, and generally the world’s best dog. David and I got her when we were newly engaged. We loved adventuring with her and she was SO good when we had our babies. She was patient and loving.

When she was 7 years old she was diagnosed with canine lymphoma, which was truly traumatic for me. Through the help of modern medicine, we were able to give her another incredible year of life before ultimately having to say goodbye in 2016.

It’s been 5 years since we last scratched her sweet head, so bringing in a new puppy felt exhilarating but also made me a little anxious. I’m a caretaker by nature, and was plagued for a little while with “what could we have done differently do stop her from getting canine lymphoma?” questions.

When seeking out Finley, we found a breeder that is very passionate about natural rearing for a variety of reasons, one being that vizslas can be particularly sensitive to toxins and chemicals. Over the past 6 weeks we’ve educated ourselves on the topic and felt pretty good about this way to raise a dog that was different than we raised Koda.

When we brought Finley home, I knew I wanted to establish a relationship with a vet, so after asking around, a local integrative practice came highly recommended. I told the receptionist, who was super sweet, on the phone about the guidelines from our breeder and if their practitioners would be open to a conversation to help educate me about all the choices and listen to my concerns. She said they absolutely were and that they were passionate about holistic care, so I was excited to come in, have Finley checked out, and chat with a professional.

Well, within 5 minutes of chatting with the vet, I began to feel very overwhelmed. It did not feel like a conversation; it felt very dismissive of a natural perspective. I shared that I was trying to learn all I could to create the best plan of care I could, especially after having experienced canine lymphoma with our previous vizsla.

The vet told me that it could have been caused by exposure to too many chemicals and with the next breath recommended a traditional path of care. I felt overwhelmed by the passion of conflicting convictions between the breeder and the veterinarian, and then Kaitlyn looked and me and said “mom, why is you face so red?”… then the tears came. I was so embarrassed.

At this, the vet softened her demeanor substantially and was more willing to answer my questions, but I was fully overwhelmed. We politely finished the conversation, was sent home with information to review, and was kindly extended the offer to call for any questions I had that came up.

I have zero doubt that everyone wants what is best for Finley; there are just varying perspectives on how to do so. David and I went on a long walk to talk it out and I felt so much better afterwards. There really isn’t a right or wrong way, we just have to pick a path that makes the most sense for us and move forward.

I feel a little vulnerable for sharing this to be honest because I know some people are going to think it sounds ridiculous. However, I am really proud of the work I put into taking care of my family; it feels like what I was put on this earth to do. So feeling confident in how we choose to care for Finley is important to me.

I know we’ll figure it out and I have no doubt the excitement, stress, and sleep deprivation of this week played a factor in my emotional response as well. Just seeing how the kids have so quickly fallen in love with her, I want to do things to the best of my ability.

And… scene. End of my drama; thank you for listening 😋 Today is about putting the house back together, getting food in the fridge, and maybe even decorating for Christmas. I already feel better after a better night’s sleep and know a weekend at home with time to choose our care plan will have me feeling more chill in no time.

I want to ask if any of you pet lovers can relate… but I also don’t want to feel like the only crazy one, so instead I’ll just wish you a happy weekend! Hope you have some fun and get some rest that looks this restful…

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