The New Rules of Aging Well – Book Review

One of my new year intentions is to read more. Vague goals aren’t supposed to be good ones, but after trying in the past to read X number of books per month, I always set myself up for failure.

Instead, I wanted to focus on my routine, not the outcome. To do this, I went made a list in my phone of books I wanted to read. I bought them (I recommend always searching ThriftBooks first, or the library, obviously) and started carrying at least one around with me at all times, like I usually do my phone. My new routine is when I feel that itch to check my phone during three minutes of downtime, I pick up the book and read a page or two instead. 

Using that method, I’m a book and a half in already on day six of this new goal. Not bad in my book (pun intended). I joined Goodreads to track my progress after seeing so many others share their end of year reading wrap ups. You can be my friend on Goodreads by clicking here, though I have no ideas what that means yet 🙂

I thought it would be fun, and perhaps helpful, for me to write reviews on here, in case you have a read more goal as well. I typically reach for three genres: self development, health and wellness, or historical fiction… and anything by Kristin Hannah. I hope to try a few outside genres every once in a while, but I’m keeping my expectation bar for that low. I know reading what I enjoy will motivate me to keep it up!

So with that, onto the first review of 2021-

The Book: The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality by Dr. Frank Lipman

I chose this book because: I had heard Dr. Lipman on several podcast and liked his tone and his tips. He’s not one of these frantic gurus that scares you into overthinking every bite that goes into your mouth, yet he has sound, researched advice on one of my favorite topics- aging well.

I rate the book: 4/5 

My review: With the huge wave of health focused energy that comes often with a new year, The New Rules of Aging Well was a nice balance between motivating me to step it up in my health pursuit a bit, but also not get crazy with huge behavior or dietary changes. 

The book is a quick read that is broken into short sections discussing each recommendation in more depth on the topics of essential habits, easy addons for better health, food, fitness and rest, deeper wellness, everyday habits, and inner rest.

If you are passionate about health, you might find yourself nodding along with a lot of the information having already known it, but there are some great insights into lesser known wellness aids like gene variants, conscious breathing, becoming fat adapted, CBD, magnesium, and medicinal mushrooms.

Overall it’s a quick read with solid, actionable tips. This is a book I will keep on my and reference when needed.

I’d recommend this book for: While I believe this kind of health information can benefit all adults, I’d recommend The New Rules of Aging Well for people in their mid to late-30’s and up that are interested in creating habits that can continue to carry them through life feeling vibrant and energized.

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