THCB Gang Live Episode 38, 1pm PT – 4pm ET

Episode 38 of “The THCB Gang” will be live-streamed here 1pm PT / 4pm ET on Thursday, Jan 14. You can see it below!

Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) will be joined by regulars: medical historian Mike Magee @drmikemagee, policy & tech expert Vince Kuraitis (@VinceKuraitis), Consumer advocate & CTO of Carium Health, Lygeia Ricciardi (@Lygeia) &  fierce patient activist Casey Quinlan (@MightyCasey).

We haven’t really moved on from that mob riot in the Capitol, and now we have impeachment, the inauguration, and a virtual JPMorgan week. This conversation will be fun!

If you’d rather listen, the audio is preserved as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels

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