Stocking Stuffers for Girls Ages 6-10

stocking stuffer ideas for girls ages 6 to 10

I’ve been busy chatting with our family elf, his name is Star, about stocking stuffers for the girls. He had some good ideas, I had some good ideas, and together I think we’ve come up with the ultimate list of stocking stuffer ideas for girls 6-10. 

As a mom, it was tempting to stick to just the needs (underwear and toothpaste!), but Star the elf convinced me that since stockings are my girls’ favorite part of Christmas morning (I can’t blame them, it’s like a surprise grab bag and was always my favorite, too), that he should liven things up with some whimsical and fun items that they’ll be giddy to receive. I can’t wait to see their faces!

stocking stuffer ideas for girls ages 6 to 10

  1. Thinking Putty – Great for keeping little hands busy during lessons or read alouds; also good for hand strength development and reducing anxiety.
  2. Bath Bombs – Individually wrapped and made with natural essential oils.
  3. Googly Eyes – Fun for all kinds of crafts!
  4. Five Crowns – A five suit rummy style game great for kids and adults alike!
  5. Lip hydration – Easy to carry and use on little lips; super kid friendly for these chapped lip months.
  6. Gloves – A cozy pair to keep by the front door for winter adventures.
  7. Winter hat – Cute, cozy, and keeps ears warm.
  8. Tasty treats – Like mandarin oranges, giant candy canes, and specialty Christmas candy like  Life Savers Book
  9. Hydroflask Kids – Durable, adorable, and a good reason to toss out your old ones.
  10. Personalized Pencils – Every kid wants a pencil with their name on it; no more fighting over whose is whose.
  11. Owl pencil sharpener – Cute and functional.
  12. Goggles – It never hurts to stock up on an extra pair.
  13. Bath Color Drops – The bath time fun that never gets old, no matter your age. Always a hit!
  14. Glitter Glue – We go through this stuff like hot cakes; great for all kinds of crafts.
  15. Finger Nail Stickers or Press On Nails – While the press on nails might seem a little silly, I can vouch that little girly girls think they are the coolest thing ever.
  16. Sequin Slap Bracelets – Fun to mix and match and swap with friends.
  17. Gift Cards – $5 to a local ice cream shop or movie theater is sure to always be a hit!

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