Spring Is In the Air

It’s been a long time since we had a quiet weekend, due to basketball and soccer schedules, traveling to set up the new property, and mine and David’s weekend away. All the activity made a quiet weekend feel that much more sweet. It started Friday evening cheering on Kaitlyn as she earned her blue stripe belt. Her dedication to Taekwondo continues to surprise and impress me. She’s such a dramatic girl a lot of the time, so seeing her suit up and become such a tough cookie is so neat to see.

Afterwards we came home from a good old fashion pizza night. David poured me a martini while the kids showered then we ate pizza, listened to music, and stayed up later than we should have playing Catan. If my Apple rings were any indication, I was seriously tuckered out when it came bedtime.

Saturday we were all up early for our neighborhood’s garage sale event. I say “event” because it’s quite the production. I believe we had 40ish house participate this year and since the girls like shopping, we hopped on bikes and covered a few miles while they perused the selections. They ended up purchasing bunny pets for their American Girl dolls for $0.25 each and Kaitlyn bought a large jewelry box for $2.00. A successful morning.

The fog burned off and it turned into the most beautiful day! David and I took Finley on a long nature walk, the girls started a fire in the pit, and we spent the entirety of the afternoon and evening outside. We raked up a ton of sticky gumballs, grilled drumsticks, and stayed out until the sun went down.

Sunday was a chore day. The girls and I went grocery shopping while David cut the grass. Our seedlings are starting to sprout so I filled up some planters with soil on the deck in preparation. We sold a table and bar set that we hauled back with us from Tennessee on Facebook Marketplace, and a table that didn’t fit in the new property just happened to fit perfectly between my lounge chairs on the deck. As if I wasn’t already excited for warmer weather, this sealed the deal.

I also have ended up on gardening Tiktok somehow, and I don’t hate it. Someone shared a tip to rinse out egg shells, dry them on the lowest setting in the oven, then grind them into a powder to sprinkle at the base of tomato plants. I have no idea if it will help, but it made me feel like a homesteader (one can dream… πŸ˜‰).

We knocked out leg day, ate a delicious farro salad as part of dinner (loosely based on this recipe and I highly recommend it). After showering the pollen off us all and chasing the dog out of the neighbor’s yard more than once, I watched a couple Weird But True episodes with the kids before bed.

This week is my mom’s birthday and I’m hoping the icky weather on Wednesday doesn’t hinder our getting together. But for now- off to tackle the usual- filling out the daily chart for the kids, breakfast, school, and the chiropractor. Wild Monday ahead πŸ˜‰ I hope your week starts off the right foot; happy Monday!

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