Review Ear Piercing Gun Portable 2Pcs – Super Easy and Painless!

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Auto spring ear opening gun, non reusable ears pit pistol. Simple to use, gently pressed, springtime pushed, pierce productive. The better sophisticated model, the faster, the lowest soreness. Light in weight and simple to use,each unit put together with self-damaging ears piercing firearm includes a stunning ears stud。 Sophisticated punched hearing nail firearm, as long as you intention at the marking place, delicately press, the perforation of the ears golf hole will likely be done. This springtime automatic ear pit pistol is suitable for personal use. Appropriate for the 1st end user. It really is considerably better for specialists.

The Way You Use:

1、Sterilize earlobe with alcohol pad .

2、Mark the preferred piercing place with Pores and skin Marker .

3、Place the ears in between the sud and generating nut, carefully align point of the sud pin together with the label .

4、Firmly pull the piercing ink cartridge together up until you hear a just click. The piecing earring is then put as well as the.

5、Ning nut earis automatically attached.

6、Release the strain and slip the piercing cartridge straight down in the earlobe. Two components of transparent plastics might be still on the ear, get rid of gently

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