Odds, Ends, Good Listens & Reads

We’re hosting a few people for a Christmas gathering, the girls have their first piano recital, and we have a fundraiser to attend as well. I’ve already declared Sunday afternoon “cozy time” and fully plan on all being in Christmas pajamas (which are 50% off right now) watching movies and napping as we see fit.

Georgia also takes on Alabama on Saturday. We’ve had such a solid year and if any year looks like it could be ours, this one seems to hold a lot of hope. That being said, it’s Alabama. And Saban has a way of wrecking dreams… ahem, I mean pulling it out. Like he stole it from Auburn last weekend, amiright?! Anyway, I’m excited for the game!

I used bone-in chicken breast in place of chicken thighs for this oregano and lemon chicken recipe and it turned out fantastic. I had to cook it about 15-20 minutes longer, but the chicken was so juicy and flavorful. If you’re looking for a dinner switch up, this is a good one. I put it with roasted green beans and a rice and orzo pilaf I made in my rice cooker with bone broth (I’ll take all the extra nutrients I can get this time of year, please). Use AHS for 20% off.

Finley has a vet appointment today with a new clinic. After our last experience, I’m hopeful that this one will go much better. She’s officially 12 weeks now and thriving, but I’m ready to have an established relationship with a vet that’s a good fit for us.

I answered some questions about the natural rearing approach we are using with Finley on IG. It’s a new way of doing things, completely different from how we raised Koda. I’ve had some requests for a post about it, but I’m still learning a lot. Once I feel more confident in it all, I’m happy to share more about what is working for us. Like raising kids, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to pups either; we’re all just out here trying to do the best we can for people and animals we love so much!

Also, anyone have a connection on where to get a Super Sac cover for less than $500?😫
Finley destroyed the zipper on ours.

We’re starting to work through some ideas for 2022 travel. We’d love to get in a ski trip, try out an RV experience (any tips?), and there is talk that we might even head back to Orlando (and perhaps finally visit Hogwarts?!). I know the girls and I would lose our minds at the chance to walk through Diagon Alley… any tips?

Some good things I’ve listened to and read lately:

Wellness Mama Recurring Themes, Key Takeaways, and Book Recommendations – I wrote down a lot of these books. I have read some and not others, and would like to get through them all in 2022.

Mark Hyman’s Genetics, Obesity, Diabetes, and Risk of Covid: A Functional Medicine Perspective – My fascination with insulin resistance continues. I enjoyed listening to this episode; and while a lot of the information served as good reminders of things I already know (ditch vegetable and seed oils, the important of muscle, etc), there were some good new facts that helped inspire more healthful living.

Who Smarted: Who Thought Putting Raw Fish on Rice Was a Good Idea? – I’m so grateful my friend, Ashley, introduced me to the Who Smarted podcast several months ago. My kids love them and I do too. They did into science and history questions in a a very entertaining and informationally driven way in about 15 minutes or less. We fly through these on car rides.

Chapter Books for KidsLindsay and Paige collaborated to put together this extensive guide to chapter books for kids. It’s helpful if you’re looking for some new reads for your kids!

Is Your Homeschool on Track? – These five questions give perspective and help guide me through those “how are we actually doing” moments.

8 Tips for Creating a Successful Read Aloud Experience – A reminder of why before bedtime isn’t the end all be all.

And that’s all… I hope you find joy today; make it a good one!

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