October Weekend Rewind

backyard swing

If you block out Georgia’s second half against Alabama, it was a wonderful weekend! 😉

The cool front came through Friday dropping them evening temperatures into the high 50’s. Kaitlyn had two soccer games lined up so we bundled up on the sidelines like the southern-blooded people we are and shivered through them both. I really do love watching my kids play though, no mater the weather. Hailey kept score in her notebook and we all cheered loudly.

Afterwards we were all starving so we grabbed dinner at Mac’s Speed Shop. It’s been a minute since we’ve been to Mac’s and we forgot how delicious it is… and that they bring out complimentary hushpuppies to start! I had pull pork, collards greens, and onion rings and devoured it all.

Independence soccer Mac's Speed Shop Lake Norman

We all crashed into bed at 9:30 PM Friday evening, completely worn out. Good thing, too, because Saturday morning we were up early and back at the soccer field. Both Kaitlyn and Hailey had games. This time we dressed for the chill and had quite a nice time sipping coffee and cheering them on.

hailey soccer

We were at the field through early afternoon and it was gorgeous by the time we got home. We had our friends come over for some football watching and Danielle really outdid herself on the seasonal snacks. She says having both kids back in school gave her the time to get a little creative and though I adore homeschooling the kids, sometimes my mind wanders and I wonder what having predictable alone time would feel like…
//enter dream sequence music here//

In all seriousness, the snacks were cute a delicious! A festive cheese board, a baked brie with fig jam, wrapped in phyllo and painted with an orange-tinted egg wash with a shishito pepper as a stem, and jalapeno (mini bell peppers for the kids) stuffed with a cream cheese mixture and wrapped in strips of crescent rolls. So cute!

fall snacks pepper mummy snacks

The girls all played outside while we snacked and sipped on the back deck (and took turns pushing them on the swing that has been a HUGE hit recently). The adults played Samba, a great card game for 4-6 people, and watched the game while the kids played until it got dark then piled onto the beanbag in the playroom to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Around 8:30 PM our doorbell rang and it turns out we got boo’d! Whoever did it was super slick and I have no idea who it was. Still, the girls were silly excited over it and can’t wait to pay it forward.

friends backyard swing boo'd

Sunday morning David and I went for a run. Like clockwork, every time fall weather rolls in I find myself thinking I’d like to be a runner again (a whim that’s gone by spring every year). We jogged about 4 miles though and it felt really nice in the brisk air.

A lot of Sunday was spent doing the typical things, laundry and cleaning up, but we had a treat of lunch with Mema who was passing through the area. We ate outdoors at Bad Daddy’s and I know I had lots of snacks the night before when I opt for a salad over their burgers.

By the late afternoon, I was in need of some chill time. I lit a candle, put on my pumpkin pajamas that match the kids, painted my nails, and then worked on our 2019 family album (I use Mixbook and am now finally on December of 2019… a little behind!).

A quick note about the nail polish- it’s a brands called sundays and it’s a non-toxic nail care company. They sent me a couple polished to try out and I’m a fan and will order again. The number 30 is giving me all the fall vibes! 

Bad Daddy's Stella Greek Sundays nail polish

Dinner was leftover homemade chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice that I made in my new rice cooker (a prime day deal I snagged). I also finished off some beef and vegetable soup while we all crashed onto the couch to end the weekend with a little Hocus Pocus movie watching. We are getting full swing into the Halloween spirit over here; this might be the most excited for it the girls have ever been!

chicken enchiladas- a healthy slice of life beef and vegetable soup- a healthy slice of life

And now, a new week is upon us! Today we have school of course, and a chiropractor appointment, some errands, and soccer. And we’ll probably be putting together a bucket or two to go BOO some friends, too. I hope you have a great week; sending sunshine and fall breezes your way!

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