Mundane Magic

I love writing day in the life posts to track life. You can find all previous day in the life posts here. When the girls were little it was simple to share a typical day because we had a consistent rhythm to life (eat, sleep, play if I remember correctly).

Now though, every day truly is different between sports, co-op, appointments, etc. Still, there are some days that feel more “typical” than others. Yesterday was one of those days so I snapped pictures through our schooling and eating and activities to capture it.

Sharp turn: do you know your enneagram number? I took several online tests but it wasn’t until I read The Road Back to You a couple years ago that I really concluded I’m a 7. According to an enneagram account that I follow, some traits of an enneagram 7 breakdown as this:

Strengths of a 7: positive, adventurous, enthusiastic, quick thinking, spontaneous, confident. 🤗

Weaknesses of a 7: unfocused, self-absorbed, superficial, restless, impulsive, rebellious, escapist. 😬

Ouch on a few of those 7 weaknesses, huh? I’ll continue to try and come from a place of strength!

Anyway, the mundane doesn’t always sit well with the 7 in me. It’s a reason David (Mr. Logical) and I are a good balance for each other because I’m totally down with the “Let’s just go! We’ll figure things out as we go! Jump! Book it!” mentality. I crave the excitement of the unknown.

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However, the magic in the mundane has grown on me as I get older. After going through my dad’s illness and death, it became even more sacred to me. Mundane is beautiful. It’s the rhythm of peace.

As a 7 I have a tendency to look monotony as dull (and after too many days in a row of it, I do seek some way to shake things up), but age has brought a new perspective to the daily flow of ordinary life. And on days like yesterday, it leaves me smiling.

Applesauce making, the kids forgetting to put enough flour in the pizza dough, weird grab and go snacks, rushing from sparring to soccer…. that’s the good stuff (thanks, Kenny).

We got home after soccer at 8:00 and made a smorgasbord dinner. We only had one pizza crust, so we “paired” it with pot stickers, chips and guacamole, and homemade applesauce and Hailey declared it to be “the best dinner ever.” The good stuff.

The kids dragged their feet (they are in the sweetest and best moods when they are trying to stay up later). After dinner and showers, they finagled their way to the couch for me to braid hair (Hailey requested French braids because they take longer). They didn’t get in to bed until close to 10:00 because of the US soccer match and quality couch snuggles. The good stuff.

We were supposed to be heading to Annapolis this weekend for the boat show but we cancelled and are now planning on installing living room lights instead. Not very exciting. I’ll come up with something to snack on while we watch football and David builds scaffolding in the living room. Not very exciting, but still, it’s the good stuff.

What’s the mundane magic in your life right now? What’s your good stuff?

I hope you have a great weekend, but first… intention check in:

More presence and patience? Yes. Very much so! Homeschool was so peaceful yesterday. I bounced back and forth between them helping and hair braiding.

More time outside? We did our morning mile, 2.5 with David, and the soccer game. I say that’s decent.

Less phone? Yes! The more I’m away from it, the less I miss it.

Read a novel? Yes- The Room on Rue Amelie.

Less alcohol? No drinks. I think I’m the only one keeping count, but that 1 drink/5 days, but I’m look forward to that Friday glass of wine tonight!

Meditate? I did and I loved the first day of Insight Timer. It’s free and I look forward to keeping it up!

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