How Many Lights Do You Need for a 13′ Christmas Tree?

13' christmas tree lights

2,250. Yup; you need 2,250 Christmas light for a 13′ Christmas tree. At least in my experience.

13' christmas tree lights

We thought last year was going to be our last Christmas in this house, so we went big with the tree. This year, now that we are staying put for the time being, we couldn’t very well go smaller. So thanks to the always wonderful and community-focused Josh’s Farmers Market crew, they helped us find a beautiful tree and even delivered it (because goodness know it wouldn’t fit on the roof of our car), and helped us set it up, too.

Then we spend the next two days hanging lights (my job), hanging ornaments (the girls, mostly), placing ribbon (David’s job), and putting the star on top (our elf, Star, always does this as part of his nighttime antics).

While we aren’t professional decorators, and despite the fact we keep have trouble with light strands going out at random times, it came together quite beautifully. Thank goodness for those extra fuses that come with the lights. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it might just be our biggest and prettiest tree yet.

Hailey and Kaitlyn have been busy elves, making presents for family members since October, so they were thrilled to finely have a spot to put all their wrapped and ready gifts.

I’m so grateful for the joy my family brings into my days, especially right now. I’ve had moments of struggle that I think stem largely from grief, but also probably from the way the whole year has gone down in general. But I also have a whole lot of laughter in my days thanks to my little crew, which reminds me that joy doesn’t need much to exist if we choose to look for it.

We are starting our last week of school before we break for Christmas. Much like regular school, both the students and the teacher are over it, but we’re determined to make a strong finish with our core studies before we switch our focus to baking, giving, snuggling, wrapping, sending, reading, etc. 

Some of the magic feels a little harder to find this year, but I’m doing my best, and in the little moments, it is certainly there, shining bright and inviting me to slow down and enjoy it. Extra twinkle lights and Christmas movies while snuggled on the couch sure help!

How is it going for you this year?

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