Hailey is Ten Years Old!

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A decade. It’s been a decade since our sweet first born baby girl graced us with her presence, 10 days late, making us parents for the first time and changing our world in the most incredible way.

Hailey is 10 years old (double digits!) and it’s incredible to see her grow into the beautiful person she is. I won’t lie; on her birthday when she went to soccer practice I sat down on the couch and cried (at the passing of time and all that). But now I got the tears out and am left with gratitude for getting to be her mom and excited to continue the journey of watching her grow.

We started celebrating her birthday a few days before the big day. On Saturday we had our friends over to celebrate both Haileys, as they both turn 10 within a week of each other!

Sunday evening David and I surprised the girls with the big present: venturing into Charlotte for a fancy dinner and a show! We had dinner at the rooftop restaurant at Restoration Hardware in South Park and it was the perfect fit for us. It was a nice spot, but not stuffy, and the girls enjoyed feeling “fancy,” and chowing down on their double cheese burgers.

After dinner we went to Oven’s Auditorium to see WICKED! David and I saw it years ago in New York and I felt it would be the perfect first Broadway show for Hailey and Kaitlyn. I was right. Being that they are fans of the Wizard of Oz, they absolutely loved getting a peek into the “before” story.

I was wondering how they’d do masked the whole time, but they were too enthralled by the singing and storyline to care. It was a great evening!

Hailey’s actual birthday was on a busy Wednesday. We woke her up to us singing happy birthday, then after a breakfast of muffins and fruit, headed o co-op. We brought cupcakes for her class and everyone sang to her; it was super sweet.

We came home to open presents (a sewing machine! books! a necklace!) and eat an early dinner (the birthday girl’s request was marinated chicken and noodles). Then David took them both to soccer practice and I sat on the couch looking at pictures and crying.

After a walk with a friend I felt fresh again and was ready to welcome them back home with a snack (mac ‘n cheese and apples) and carrot cake! We finished the birthday strong, laughing at Hailey and Kaitlyn acting all silly (overtired and sugar will do that to you I suppose). Then we took pictures of Hailey at 8:48 PM and again at 8:49 PM (the minute she was born) to see if she looked older. She is certain she looks taller in the second picture 😉

Then we tucked the birthday girl into bed with big hugs for another wonderful year.

A few notes about Hailey at 10 years old to round it all out:

  • She has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I know. As we tucked her in she hugged us and said “thank you for making my birthday so special.” She’s been working on making Christmas presents for everyone since August. She loves so deeply.
  • She may come off as quiet and shy but once she’s comfortable around you, she is as silly as it gets. I love seeing her act goofy!
  • She likes to read, play soccer, do art, and knit (especially while watching college football).
  • Her favorite food is cheeseburgers and salad, marinated chicken and noodles, and Greek salad.
  • She loves her sleep. She’s usually asleep by 9:00 PM and will sleep until 9:00 AM most days if I let her.
  • Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a dog.
  • Her room is always clean and organized.
  • She likes order and knowing the plan for the day.
  • She wants to be a farmer when she grows up and grow and sell vegetables.
  • She loves fall and the holiday season, so we are heading into her favorite time of year!

Happy 10th birthday to our girl; we love you SO much and watching you grow has been the greatest honor of my life.

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