Day in the Life: 9 and 7 Years Old

I’m really sliding this one in here, as Hailey turns 10 (double digits!) next week. Looking back at the day in the life archive, it’s so fun for me to see how the girls and our days have evolved through each age and stage.

Right now we are in a peaceful season. Not that there is never squabbling between sisters or whining at having to do a chore, but for the most part we are in a phase that we are enjoying being together and have a nice little rhythm to our days.

6:00 AM: I still enjoy my early mornings, though now they not as early as they used to when I’d wake up at 4:45 AM to go workout. I wake up, go make some tea, and head to the office. I work on upcoming blog posts, writing my newsletter, and answering emails.

7:45 AM: I wrap things up and go get dressed. I listen to my 15 minute morning news podcast to get briefed while I throw on jeans and a tank. Are ripped jeans going back out of style? They feel like it, but they’re super comfy. I head to the kitchen to start breakfast.

8:15 AM: Kaitlyn wakes up and I go open Hailey’s door so she’ll start to stir, too. I make eggs, toast, and fruit, and a cup of half caff coffee for me because it feels fallish outside!

8:45 AM: We eat while we do history. We love our Beautiful Feet Early American History (K-3) so much. It’s literary based and works well for us to read stories and discuss while we eat. A great way to start the day! See more about this, in my detailed Viking lesson review.

9:15 AM: The girls get dressed and brush teeth while I clean up and we all meet in the playroom to get started on school. Hailey starts with her IEW writing video (we both are really enjoying the IEW Style and Structure for Students program). Highly recommend.

Kaitlyn and I work on math and I owe you a full review on the E-Singapore I’ve added to our routine. It’s fantastic. It’s Singapore math lessons (primary or dimensions) online, broken into easy to navigate teaching and practice modules. It’s been so helpful for us!

10:45 AM: We take a break here because it’s the only time during the day David and I can get a workout in. We take our pre-workout and get to it while the girls go outside to play. We do chest and back; they feed the ducks, swing, and play “teenagers.”

11:45 AM: We finish up our walk (we walk 1.5 miles, workout, then end with a .5 mile cooldown walk) and on the way in I grabbed a Daily Harvest bowl from the freezer. I’ve been relying on these heavily for either a breakfast (with an egg on top) or lunch (with leftover chicken) lately.

Friendly reminder that you can use my code AHEALTHYSLICE to receive $25 off 9 items, $30 off 14 items, or $40 off 24 items if you’re interested in trying Daily Harvest!

I make the girls a snack plate (they were only slightly hungry since they had applesauce and a pack of gummies while playing outside).

12:30 PM: I get to work on making lasagna while I set the girls up for their Spanish Academy lesson. It’s a private online live Spanish class that they take together once a week. It’s 25 minutes long and I love getting to listen along and learn. They both really enjoy it. You can get a free trial class using this link.

1:00 PM: Since we took the morning break, there is some school we have to finish up. Math for Hailey, Language Arts for Kaitlyn. I throw on a load of laundry. Since most of what I wash are sweaty gym clothes, I always throw in a scoop of Branch Basics oxygen boost.

I’ve used Branch Basics as my cleaner for almost two years now; you can read about why I switched to them on this post.

2:30 PM: We’re done with school for the day! The girls earned their screen time tokens and immediately cash them in for TV. Their go-to show right now is Lost in Oz. I also love that Hailey always knits while she watches anything. Sweet, old soul. While they watch, I shower then heat up a leftover enchilada and join them on the couch to work on the Sweet Home Bearolina website.

3:30 PM: After their hour, they head back outside while I do a little more on the computer. I get a delivery and it’s the Instant Air Purifier. I’ve been wanting a purifier for our main living area and when the company reached out and asked to send me one (this is a gifted product), I eagerly accepted.

We just got it yesterday, but it’s pretty darn cool. It has plasma ion technology (removes 99.9% of the virus that cause C19), a carbon filter to filter odors, and a HEPA filter which removes 99.9% of dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens.

A neat feature is that it monitors the air quality in the room and automatically adjusts the frequency of the fan as needed. Best part though? It’s quiet. Huge difference from our other one!

4:45 PM: Hailey’s friend from down the street shows up with cookies and a gift for Hailey to kick off her birthday celebration (next week!). They cookies are delicious and the cinema sign was a big hit; Hailey already set it up to say HAPPY FALL and added it to our decoration.

5:15 PM: I take Kaitlyn to her Taekwondo class. She loves it so much and just leveled up to a class that she can begin to spar. She’s over the moon excited about it.

6:15 PM: Kaitlyn and I get back home. I turn on the oven and pop the lasagna in to bake for an hour. The girls head to the backyard and David, at my request, pours me a martini. His skills at martini making have gotten quite impressive; my dad would be proud. The weather is so beautiful right now, so we sit on the back porch and chat.

I love these times. We feel like there are so many balls in the air right now and a chance to debrief about all current situations and talk through various what-if scenarios helps me stay centered so much. What a crazy world we’re living in.

7:15 PM: The lasagna is ready (such an easy and delicious recipe) but I was so busy chatting I forgot to make the veggie sides, but no one but me cares. We eat lasagna on the porch then at Kaitlyn’s request, we go on an evening walk before bed.

8:45 PM: The kids are in bed reading and settling down. David and crash on the couch and debate whether to put on an episode of Only Murders in the Building (we watched the pilot earlier this week and really enjoyed it, so we have high hopes). But I’m tired so we wash up and head to bed instead.

10:00 PM: I’m out like a light! ZZZzzzzzzz… until next time 🙂

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