David & Brittany’s Weekend of *FUN*

Name that title reference… any other FRIENDS fans out there? 😉

I’m trying to remember the last time David and I got away just the two of us. I know we went the Annapolis Boat Show in 2018 and that is the last one I can come up with. Yes, it’s been a really strange world the past couple of years, but that means it’s been 4 years since we last had a getaway that lasted more than 2 hours at dinner for just us.

That fact made this past weekend even more special. Knowing the kids and Finley were in great hands and having adventures with Mema and Grandpa (David’s parents in South Carolina), we took off Friday morning for the first leg of our adventure- a hike!

We did the Triple Falls Trail in DuPont State Forest and it was a beautiful choice. We hiked a little over three miles, stopping to admire Triple Falls, the base and top of High Falls, and the covered bridge. It was one of those hikes the kids would love because there is a pay off around every corner.

We drove into the cute town of Brevard afterwards in search of some lunch. I’ve heard that Brevard has become something of a hot spot for outdoor lovers, and I can see why. It’s close to all kinds of trails and waterfalls, while the town itself offers varied shopping and dining opportunities.

After some googling around (I always pick the restaurants because I love the search), I decided on The Square Root for its reviews of fresh and flavorful meals. It just happened to be a bonus that the restaurant itself was historic and adorable and they had a patio!

David had the rabbit gumbo, which was hearty and delicious, and I went with the chicken and fig salad with blue cheese and spiced pecans with a pumpkin vinaigrette. We were both incredibly pleased with our choices, and the cocktails that had garnish frozen into the ice cubes. One of the best meals I’ve had out in a long time!

We left Brevard for our final destination of the weekend, The Grove Park Inn. It’s one of my favorite spots in Asheville for it’s history that is detailed in artifacts down all the corridors, breathtaking views, and overall upscale yet relaxed vibe.

We checked into our room to clean up and immediately headed to the patio. We heard Saturday was going to be cool, so we wanted to enjoy all the sunshine possible. We sipped wine until the sun went down, the went to dinner at The Edison, a restaurant within the hotel. We shared the Brussels Sprouts and octopus, then both ordered a burger and fries. Happily full and exhausted, we tucked ourselves into bed early and enjoyed an extended night’s sleep.

Feeling refreshed after 11 hours of sleep (oh my gosh that sounds so crazy to write, but it was glorious), we were ready for all Saturday had to offer… which started with SNOW! We woke up the white stuff covering the grounds, and still swirling around quite wildly.

We have had some funny luck with snow at The Grove Park Inn. One of our most favorite memories was the Christmas season weekend we spent with the girls there when it snowed as well.

It made for a cozy start to the day, sipping coffee and tea in front of their oversized fireplaces. We decided to trek through the snow to the Sports Complex to move our bodies a bit. We worked out, grabbed lunch, again at The Edison, then decided to forgo our initial plan of exploring Asheville in favor of hunkering down at the hotel because the snow was still coming down.

We showered and enjoyed some downtime. Well, we worked on rental property stuff but in a really pretty location, so it felt more like downtime. 😉

By late-afternoon we put it all away and got ready for some fun. We started with happy hour in the The Grove Park Inn lobby, which was packed and primed for people watching. Groomsmen and conference attendees and families with cute kids, it was fun to watch them all while we chatted and sipped, me on a martini, him on a spiced old fashion.

We originally made reservations for 7:15 in the Blue Ridge Room for their seafood and prime rib buffet, but we were kidding ourselves because by 5:15 we were starving and ready to eat. Fortunately they were able to fit us in. The spread was breathtaking- crab legs and oysters, short ribs and a variety of salads, and a whole room dedicated to nothing but dessert.

Oh my goodness, did we stuff ourselves. Personally I could have had nothing but crab legs and been pleased, but it all was incredible. We topped it off with a cup of coffee in hopes of staying up past 8:00 PM.

The Grove Park Inn has an in-house piano bar on the lowest level, and it was our goal to enjoy it for at least a little while. Early bedtime habits die hard.

The doors a Elaine’s open at 8:00 PM and we were there, among a small crowd of others, to secure a good seat- front row! I was yawning a bit, but once the dueling piano show began at 9:00 PM I became fully awake. The music and the energy filled the room and we jammed out until around 11:30 PM, which is late for me these days. I even was pulled on to stage to help judge a sing along contest at one point… what a fun night!

We slept hard and got in one more workout and coffee sipping fireplace session before packing up and heading to meet Mema and Grandpa for lunch. The girls greeted us with the biggest hugs and told us all about the fun they had. For all our fun of the weekend, it makes me just as happy that the girls had this special time with their grandparents; such special memories.

By the afternoon I was back home and grocery shopping and making lists for the week, but feeling completely refreshed. As hard as it is for me to leave the kids, we are determined to not let another 4 years go by before doing it again.

I hope you had a great weekend and the change didn’t mess with you too much. If you have young kids, hang in there and enjoy an extra strong coffee today!

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