Currently {December 2021}

It’s been since July 2020 (where I talked about decor for the new house- LOL) that I’ve done a currently post. While I’m enjoying the twinkling lights of the holiday season, there’s something about seeing boating and sunshine that look a little enticing, especially with a puppy that needs a late evening walk most nights.

However, back to the current moment. Let’s catch up…

Currently Reading: The first book in the series Winter Street. I’m usually a love of self-development/health/psychology books but this light novel is proving to be very enjoyable to me right now. I’m actually listening to it on Hoopla through the library and it’s been a nice break from health and news podcasts during this season.

Currently in the Market for: items to suggest to our Elf, Star, for the girls’ stockings. I’m telling him we don’t want a lot of candy and little trinkets, but that’s leaving him at a lost at what he should gather from the workshop. I’m thinking of asking for a book of Lifesavers (tradition), Cat’s Cradle (for Hailey), and Taco vs Burrito (for Kaitlyn). Any tips?

Currently Drinking: coffee with holiday creamer, green tea, For the Biome immune elixirs, red wine, Spendrift, water with lemon, smoothies, martinis… a shorter answer might be for the question: what am I not drinking?

Currently Craving: both some downtime with the family for games and movies and chilling, as well as a date night out with David. Between basketball and TKD, we still have activities most nights, but we’re making it work, meaning the girls stay up later than usual sometimes during the week (9:00ish) to allow us some evening time to hang out together without feeling rushed.

As for date, I’ve been eyeing Miracle on Main but apparently it packs out quickly and results in a 2-3 hour wait. Maybe some guac and margaritas and some life planning chat will suit us just fine!

Currently Watching: mostly Christmas movies, but the kids’ favorites. I need to find some time for David and I to watch the ones on our list: Love Actually, The Holiday, Trading Places (I’ve never seen it so he’s demanding I watch it this year), Christmas Vacation, Just Friends, etc.

Currently Indulging In: coffee creamers. I typically drink it black but the 6:00 AM walks with Finley and the festive time of year are making flavored creamer quite enticing. I got new coffee cups from Airlie Square yesterday and it’s making sipping coffee even that much more fun!

Currently Exercising: with a lot of walks. David and I have gotten into a walking habit and Finley has only boosted that. It’s usually at least 3 miles a day (2 with David and an extra 1+ with Finley) and it’s feeling great to be outside that much. We are still doing Madeline’s strength workouts too, but not everyday like we were doing; more like 4 times a week right now.

Currently Pondering: what travel/trips will look like in 2022. It’s hard to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of restrictions/requirements. We just decided last night to scrap the ski trip we’d been pondering for 2022. We were late to trying to book and so many places were filled and what was left was so pricey, that it began to just feel too forced.

We’d really like to try an RV and be able to bring Finley. We’d like to have a beach vacation on the books since we didn’t do one last year. Another National Park? Honestly, I’d like to just have something planned, as I love having a trip to look forward to. As of right now, nothing is on the calendar. For my travel-loving self, it feels weird. First world problem, I know.

Currently Looking Forward To: enjoying December! We still have our family shopping tradition to do, presents to wrap, and cookies to bake. I’m going to start planning the menu soon for hosting my family for Christmas, something I really look forward to (both the planning of food and the family coming).

Unrelated, but fun- did y’all see Caitlin is blogging again? We’ve stayed in touch over the ‘gram but it’s so fun to see her back on the web! Though it’s not helping squash my RV itch…

Please play along in the comments! What are you reading? What are you pondering? Indulging in? Looking forward to?

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