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online codeverse coding class for kids

The kids have both enjoyed code-ish type activities and games for a long time, from the Code-a-pillar as toddlers to the hands-on OSMO coding games so when I saw the opportunity for a free trial of a next-level, live interaction coding lesson with Codeverse, I decided to give it a try.

We had our first trial class of Codeverse (book your own free trial class here) a couple months ago. I thought Hailey would love it but was unsure how Kaitlyn (6) would do with interacting on a computer when she doesn’t have much experience on them. It turns out, she did just fine!

online codeverse coding class for kids

Codeverse Review

The classes are 50 minutes long, so I during their initial trial class, I set the girls up individually with the computer during their unique time slot, watched for a few minutes, but then stepped back so they could do it on their own. Their live instructors are so great! They are friendly and patient, happy to explain things as many times as it took for the girls to grasp the new concepts.

To take a class, you log into the platform just before your assigned lesson time. The instructor will pop on just before the hour and you just hit accept to set up the live, zoom-style connection. The instructor is able to see the child’s screen and easily direct them through the learning tasks. 

As they complete levels, they can send me the games they create via text message so I’m able to see their progress. They also have access to the Codeverse Studio during non-lesson hours when they can work on earning points, badges, and leveling up.

I was really impressed with the set up of writing code and watching it come to life on the adjacent screen, but was even more impressed with how much the girls got from it. Since Codeverse uses a proprietary text based coding language. A lot of alternative programs use drag and drop features, which is a great intro to coding concepts, there are missing pieces and skills between that and actual coding. Learn more about KidScript in this video.

As a homeschool mom, one of my biggest challenges in finding ways to present subjects I’m not well-versed in, like foreign language and next level computer skills. I’m really pleased with the knowledge the girls are obtaining through our Codeverse lessons and appreciate the different plan options. Right now we do once a week but I could see us switching that to twice a month during the busy summer or upping it to twice a week if one of the kids really takes off with it.


What ages are best suited for Codeverse? The program is best for children ages 6-13 years old.

What programming language does Codeverse use to teach kids code? A proprietary code called KidScript which is an approachable language that unnecessary complexities with with an easy to read, easy to write syntax. 

How can I keep up with my kid’s progress? You can log into the parent portal at anytime, but you also will receive a personal session update from your child’s instructor after each lesson to let you know what they covered during class.

Who are the instructors? What training do they have? All US based, Codeverse instructors are a collective of K-12 certified teachers, seasoned designers, game developers and engineering experts who have been coached by seasoned Codeverse guides.

What technology do I need? All you need is a desktop or laptop computer (or tablet with a keyboard) and wifi connection.

Codeverse Discount Code

I got in touch with the team for this Codeverse review and asked them if they had a discount code I could pass along and they offered a great one! Use the code BRITTANY-50 to get 50% your first month. But don’t forget to take advantage of the free trial class first to make sure it’s a good fit!

If you have any questions I didn’t cover in this Codeverse review, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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online coding classes for kids

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